Astral Arrows

Astral Arrows 1.1

Astral Arrows is a puzzle game with a great gameplay formula

Astral Arrows is a puzzle game developed by Apus Software. The game is not like many games out there. The puzzle formula for this game is not very known or seen in other games - and this formula is what keeps the game afloat.

You have a game board with 36 cells. Some cells may be empty and others may contain colored bricks; however, the color doesn't matter much. It is the arrow inside that matters. The arrow may point up, down, left, right or in any diagonal direction. When you click on the brick, the only way it will go is the direction of the arrow. Once you put together two bricks of the same color, they are eliminated, and you gain points. But at the same time, more bricks will appear on the game board. The objective is to make as many points as you can before the board is full of bricks, thus ending the game. It is a smart formula because you have to really forethink the movements you are going to make. It is harder to develop a pattern than in other games.

The downside of the game is its simple interface and graphics. But it's free, so if you are interested in puzzle games, you need to try this formula.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good puzzle formula
  • Free


  • Bad presentation
  • Simple graphics and sounds
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